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2 billion photos are shared on the Internet daily. 65% of those photos are product-oriented photos and another 21% are lifestyle photos. That's 1.7 billion photos - all of it is considered "earned UGC" for brands.

What it really means is all of those photos being shared on the major networks now own that UGC along with its rich customer metadata.

We think the days of "earned UGC" are over. We think it's time brands own their UGC.

That's why we created BYLINED.

BYLINED is the first owned user-generated content platform built to give brands and businesses the tools they need to own their UGC. Because when a brand owns their UGC, they can use it freely without copyright worries.

And when you a brand owns their UGC, they also own the metadata, providing them with deep customer insights that can't be found anywhere else.

Running a #hashtag campaign for UGC is a bit like running a marathon but giving up 100 feet before the finish line. All the energy and resources spent on UGC campaigns should give brands more than earned UGC. With BYLINED, brands can finally own their UGC - licensed and royalty-free.

Our Values