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BYLINED for Brands

Drive engagement, awareness and, most importantly, increase sales with owned user-generated content.

As a consumer-focused brand, you understand the importance of identifying new and innovative opportunities to engage your fans and customers both online and offline.

You also know your best fans and customers want to be engaged in a deeper, more meaningful way than with a typical social media update, or yet another rewards or loyalty card. They want to be your advocates and ambassadors.

With BYLINED, you can create campaigns that engage your fans for authentic, brand-oriented UGC and recognize and reward them for their branded content.

Images sourced through BYLINED Assignments are licensed and liability-free, which means you can use them freely in print, digital, and social campaigns.

BYLINED also provides your brand with the metadata behind the UGC (first name, last name, email, latitude/longitude, and more) so you can continue to have a 1:1 conversation with your customers.

Engage your customer for authentic, brand-oriented UGC, convert your earned media into owned media, and capture the metadata you need to increase sales with BYLINED.

“Successful campaigns today should begin with social, but more importantly, they MUST fit naturally into existing behaviors.” – David Hunegnaw