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BYLINED for Events & Venues

Make your fans your photographers and part of the action with BYLINED.

Thousands of people gather at music venues, museums, sporting events, political rallies and more – every single day – and they’re documenting these events by taking millions of photos at these events.

Isn’t it time you own the UGC along with the content created at your event?

With BYLINED, you can finally engage your fans for authentic, owned user-generated content along with its associated metadata (first name, last name, email, date, time, latitude/longitude, and more) so you continue to have a 1:1 conversation with them.

And with BYLINED, all photo submissions are licensed and liability-free which means you never have to worry about usage rights.

One more thing. If your venue has screens, we can even push fan photos to them in real-time, making your fans a part of the action.